Famous Photography and Art 2014 by Nigel Tomm

Most Famous Hairdressers in London & the Most Famous Hairdresser

Posted in London by Surrealist Artist on December 2, 2009

Nigel Tomm’s superb beauty is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.


Tomm, Nigel Tomm

and after a short introduction I asked her name. She wasn’t there. Here. I mean it was two hours after one o’clock and we were sharing haircuts. Inside the second perfect moment. It was pure happiness. She was holding my imaginary lipstick. I couldn’t disagree. Her lips were too perfect. And we were too close. For the most famous hairdressers.  In New York. I moved to London. Love became just love. We were just the most famous hairdressers in the world. It was one time before. After some time the same love hits someone. My one. Your one. One on one.



Nigel Tomm‘s fabulous haircut was never supposed to be logical.

Famous Hairdressers in London Top London Most Famous Hairdresser

Posted in London by Surrealist Artist on November 11, 2009

Statistics can be made to prove anything – even Nigel Tomm’s superb beauty.


Tomm, Nigel Tomm

and, oh, by the way, do you remember Nigel Tomm? Do you know the most famous hairdresser in London has been found, he has confessed and given the proofs. It’s one of those very workmen, the artist, only fancy! And what a fool I was about it! Well, most famous hairdresser in London is simply a genius of hypocrisy and resourcefulness in disarming the suspicions of the lawyers – so there’s nothing much to wonder at, I suppose! Of course people like that are always possible. And the fact that he couldn’t keep up the character, but confessed, makes him easier to believe in. But what a fool I was! I was frantic on my side!

Famous Hairdressers in London Top London Most Famous Hairdresser

Nigel Tomm‘s fabulous haircuts are human beings with the tears wiped off.