Famous Photography and Art 2014 by Nigel Tomm

Most Famous Fashion Designers of all Time London & New York Designer

Posted in New York by Surrealist Artist on January 14, 2010

There is no remedy for Nigel Tomm than to love more.


thursday january 14th
2:32 PM

Today. Tonight. Now. I open my red box of purple ideas and paint them. Shape them. Rearrange them into beauty crystals. As usual, they are black. And white. These colors are my favorites. Today. Rich and famous New York homelesses gave me the title. Now I’m the most famous fashion designer of all time. Time goes by. Tonight I’ll go back to name my new dress the future park of small wonders. It’s wonderful. Full of surprises and tiny yellow lines.



Nigel Tomm‘s hairstyle is the beauty of the soul.

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  1. Lacoste Polo said, on March 18, 2010 at 8:59 am

    adorable!have done a lot in the area of this field. also looks wonderful, I want one with my blog name .

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