Famous Photography and Art 2014 by Nigel Tomm

Most Popular Hairdresser in London & New York as Popular Hairdresser

Posted in London by Surrealist Artist on December 19, 2009

Nigel Tomm’s superb beauty is a progress, and not a station.


Tomm, Nigel Tomm

and melting snow blooms. Period. The eastern part of the evening is too fresh. Now it’s over. I enter the highway at night. A stub of the right logic remains. Left is left, even for the most popular hairdresser in London. I can see her. In my eyes the eyes are screening the most popular hairdresser in New York. Sometimes it breaks. My face is carrying her hand. The most popular hairdresser in the world emits strange sounds. I am trying to connect with someone nearby. Someone close is something very distant. Retreat. Now I am repeating the ball shape. On the left hand I can see your reflection. Myself is me. Says London’s most popular hairdresser. And melts. Into me.



Every Nigel Tomm‘s hairstyle is of infinite value.

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  1. Igor said, on December 20, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    Nigel, this is too beautiful for me, I can not stand this, my rectum starts to swell again.

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