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I’m Nigel Tomm and This Is My Books

Posted in Nigel Tomm by Surrealist Artist on February 12, 2009

I’m Nigel Tomm and this is my books (up-to-date; from the newest to oldest; numbered backwards from 40 to 1):


   Sarah Palin’s Book “Going Rogue: An American Life” As Installation Art by Nigel Tomm

   (2009) — find it at Amazon.com


   Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol by Nigel Tomm

   (2009) — find it at Amazon.com


   Famous Photographers Asked Nigel Tomm to Create the Most Famous Photography Book in the World: “Most Famous Photographers Must Have the Most Popular Photography Book of All Time,” They Said

   (2009) — find it at Amazon.com


   Random Moonwalk – Autobiography of Michael Jackson – Computer Generated in House of Nigel Tomm: TAGS Autobiographies, Famous People, Celebrities, Memoir Diary, Life Diaries, Moonwalker, Biography

   (2009) — find it at Amazon.com


   Title Tags: Best Seller, List, New York Times, Fiction, 2009, Book, Novel, Paperback, Diet, Amazon: Series, Business Selling, Teens, Mystery Women, Famous Romance, Sex, Most Popular, 2010, Bestseller

   (2009) — find it at Amazon.com


   The Most Popular Fiction Book, Product, Novel, Gift & Item Sold of All Time for Women, Men & Kids: In The Whole World (2009, 2010) Tags: Romance, Amazon, History, Author, Teen, Art, Vampire, Diet

   (2009) — find it at Amazon.com


   Advertising Slogans

   (2009) — find it at Amazon.com


   Kidult Eva Mendes In Fucky Kidulthood Poster With Anne Hathaway & Denise Richards Beg Rachel McAdams: “Let Naomi Watts, Matthew McConaughey, Tara Reid & Monica Bellucci Calendar Sex Movies Biography”

   (2009) — find it at Amazon.com


   Scarlett Johansson Asked Artie Lange: “Are You Too Fat to Fish Some Natalie Portman?” He Answered: “I Must Have Sex With Adriana Lima, Robin Quivers & Eva Longoria Parker As They’re My Life Calendar” 

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com


   4 Fashion Doll Gangbangers (Alexander McQueen, Martin Margiela, Gareth Pugh & Zac Posen) Decided: Books or Bags Don’t Fuck Shoes, Scarfs and Sexy Dressed Perfumes in Style Kingdom Oniomaniac Do

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com


   Vampirella’s Gangbang Sex Book Was About Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller, Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton: It Wasn’t Group Style Calendar or Gangbanging Fashion Biography With Diamonds & Jewelry in Archives

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com


   Kim Kardashian Was Shooting a Sex Tape in the Bambiland When She Confessed to Jessica Alba: “I Want to Write a Play About Hairy Bambilla Inside a Pleasuredome” (She Failed Due to Shopaholism) 

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com


   The Blah Story, Volume 23 

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com


           Find out more about The Blah Story in The Blah Story Blog


   The Blah Story, Volume 22 

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com

(The New York Times) … not to mention a monster [word] in Nigel Tomm’s “Blah Story,” reportedly consisting of 2,403,109 words, the last of which itself consists of 3,609,750 letters and includes all previously known longest words, like “lopado- . . . -pterygon” (a fictional dish in Aristophanes, 183 letters) and the old war horse “antidisestablishmentarianism.”


   The Blah Story, Volume 21 

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com

(Chicago Tribune) “The Blah Story,” by Nigel Tomm, has a sentence of reportedly 2.4 million words that rambles through Volumes 16, 17, 18 and 19. It was left off because (a) the book is self-published, (b) about a million of those words are “blah” and (c) its literary value is highly questionable. An excerpt: “As no one was blah any blah to blah, and no one blah needed blah, blah quietly blah blah…”


   The Blah Story, Volume 20

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com


   The Blah Story, Volume 19

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com; download it from here entirely for free


   The Blah Story, Volume 18

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com; download it from here entirely for free


   The Blah Story, Volume 17 

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com; download it from here entirely for free


   The Blah Story, Volume 16 

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com; download it from here entirely for free


   The Blah Story, Volume 15 

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com


   The Blah Story, Volume 14 

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com


   The Blah Story, Volume 13 

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com


   The Blah Story, Volume 12 

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com


   The Blah Story, Volume 11

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com


   The Blah Story, Volume 10 

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com; download it from here entirely for free


   The Blah Story, Volume 9 

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com


   The Blah Story, Volume 8 

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com; download it from here entirely for free


   The Blah Story, Volume 7 

   (2007) — find it at Amazon.com


   The Blah Story, Volume 6 

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com


   The Blah Story, Volume 5 

   (2008) — find it at Amazon.com


   The Blah Story, Volume 4 

   (2007) — find it at Amazon.com; download it from here entirely for free


   The Blah Story, Volume 3 

   (2007) — find it at Amazon.com


   The Blah Story, Volume 2 

   (2007) — find it at Amazon.com


   The Blah Story, Volume 1 

   (2007) — find it at Amazon.com


   Selected Works of Nigel Tomm (2006/2007) …

   (2007) — find it at Amazon.com

           The full title is: Selected Works of Nigel Tomm (2006/2007) (Shakespeare’s Sonnets Remixed 2006 / Shakespeare’s Hamlet Remixed 2007 / Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Remixed 2007 / Including Previously Unpublished Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender Remix 2007) Nigel Tomm is The Winner of The Anonymous Writers Club Award 2006 for The Best Anonymous Writer / Deconstructed Poetry Award 2006 for Innovations and Teamwork in Poetry / Decadence Prize 2007 for The Lifestyle / Flashy Rococo Coco Award 2006 for Flashy Thoughts / Baby Boomers Award 2006 for The Best Marketing / Anonymous Artists Prize 2007 for The Best Anonymous Artist / Life Academy Award 2006 for Ignorance of Some Aspects of Life / Graphomania Award 2007 for Writing / Formal English Institute Award 2006 for English Grammar Improvements / House of Original Remixes Award 2006 for Creativity / WordKillers Award 2006 for Killing Some Words Sometimes in Some Books / iStyle Award 2006 for Being Unnamed Style Icon / Librarians Under Sixty Award 2007 for Staying Young / Comedy Association Award 2007 for The Best Drama / Happy Dramatists Award 2006 for The Realest Reality Show / New Forms Award 2006 for Rediscovering Something Old / Best of The Best Award 2007 for Being The Best of The Bests / Alaska Lifetime Achievement Prize 2006 for Bringing The Sun to Canada / Flaming Unisex Award 2007 for Coming to Flaming Unisex Awards / Random Books Award 2006 for Random Words Which Sometimes Sell / Happy Housekeepers Award 2007 for Being an Example to Follow / Wild Foresters Award 2006 for Saving Trees from Book Lovers / Writing Bodybuilders Award 2007 for Keeping Nice Forms / Life Coaching Without Words Award 2006 for Bringing New Life to Some Words / Writing for Writing Foundation Award 2007 for Rewriting Some Writings / Speaking Parrots Award 2007 for Some Fresh Phrases / CopyPasters Award 2007 for Recopying Shakespeare / Silent People Award 2006 for Talking about Silence / Strange Books Award 2006 for The Best Back Cover Text / I Don’t Care Award 2006 for Something We All Don’t Care / Happy Clowns Award 2006 for The Biggest Sad Smile / Nonexistence Award 2007 for Trying to Believe in Existence / MTV eBooks Award 2007 for The Best Male Reader / Bicycle Fans Award 2006 for not Writing About Bicycles / Cool Firemen Award 2006 for New Flames in Literature / Penguin Lovers Prize 2007 for Being Vegetarian / Green Grass Award 2006 for Frustrated Ecology in Hamlet Remixed / Vintage Love Award 2006 for Writing About Old School Love / New Letters Award 2006 for Some Useless Innovations / Retired Encyclopedists Award 2007 for Universality in Rewriting / Nice Web Developers Award 2007 for Fresh Look / Space Lovers Award 2006 for Exploration of Literary Cosmos / Monotony Award 2006 for The Best Performance / Homemade Video Award 2007 for The Best Home Interior / Illusory Zoo Committee Prize 2007 for The Best Animal Character / Degenerated Politicians Award 2006 for Belief in Moral Norms / F***ing Teenagers Award 2007 for The Best Kiss / Tomorrow Morning’s Fragrances Association Award 2006 for Smelling Words / London Punks Foundation Award 2007 for Ultra Cool Book with Hip Ending / Pessimistic Bankers Prize 2007 for Fresh Ideas on Pessimism / Soft-Hardcore Erotica Award 2006 for Remixed Feelings / Slow Talking Runners Award 2007 for Some Sweet Chats about Nothing / Honest Jet-Setters Prize 2006 for Being Honest to Honest People / Good Looking Pop Stars Award 2006 for The Best Interview Act / Disorientated Literary Agents Award 2006 for Trusting Nobody / Archaic Victorian Baroque Award 2007 for Crossing Borders Between Borders / Multicultural Context Prize 2006 for Multiculturalism in Books / Two Happy People Award 2007 for Mixed Palette of Happiness / Fragile Machines Prize 2007 for The Best Text on Robotic Psychology / Passionate Red Cherries Award 2006 for Dynamic Use of The Word ‘Cool’ / Late 1950s Award 2007 for Neutrality on Some Remixed Questions / Classical Counterculture Award 2006 for Development of Remix Cult


   Nanodrama Not Nanofiction

   (2007) — find it at Amazon.com


   Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Remixed

   (2007) — find it at Amazon.com


   Shakespeare’s Hamlet Remixed

   (2006) —  find it Amazon.com 


   Shakespeare’s Sonnets Remixed

   (2006) — find it at Amazon.com

4 Responses

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  1. mig said, on March 10, 2009 at 4:01 am

    Do you wrote all this?

  2. Chris V said, on July 2, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    Yes he wrote it, if you can call it writing. It is essentially just a small idea per book which he has managed to string out book length. Each book is, as is this blog also, one big gimmick barely hidden by abstraction to make it look like something other than pithy ideas.

    • Matt said, on July 6, 2009 at 12:55 am

      I beg to differ, sir. While you view these books and their ideas as pithy and small-minded, I view them as bold and otherworldly. Nigel seems to write as most other writers do. He begins with a small, particular idea and gradually expands it into a vast, universal concept. I myself have been taught by professional educators of creative writing that a good book ought to be able to travel from the particular to the universal. Nigel Tomm’s literature succeeds at this; thus, I can call it writing. What is even better about Nigel’s books is that they universalize themselves in a manner that few if no other books have. “Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Remixed,” my second-favorite novel that I have ever read, brilliantly expands from the simple concept of remixing a classic literary piece to the nearly unthinkable concept of remixing love itself. The novel presents love in almost every existent aspect and dissects the true definition/significance of each aspect. I could continue with other examples, but my point is that Nigel is a genuine writer as well as a generally kind person. Feel free to dislike or disapprove of his works, but there is no need for you to claim that he as a creative entity is “one big gimmick.”

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